Where challenges find solutions, and potential meets possibility. At Floor23 Care, we understand the unique hurdles faced by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those recovering from substance use disorder. Here, we don’t just see the individual; we see the path to a more empowered life.

Solutions for

Real Life

We’re more than a care facility; we’re a transformative space where every service is an answer to our residents’ needs. From personalized care plans to nurturing day programs, we focus on solving real-life challenges and supporting each resident’s journey to independence and wellness.

Empowerment Through Care

Discover a community that turns obstacles into stepping stones and support into strength.

Empower Someone Today

If you know someone facing the daily struggles of developmental disabilities or substance recovery, Floor23 Care is ready to help. Refer them to a place where solutions are tailored to personal challenges, and every individual’s needs are met with expertise and empathy.

Stories of Transformation

Read about the journeys of those who have found solutions and support at Floor23 Care. These narratives highlight how our focused care and innovative programs address specific challenges, making each day better than the last.